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Gold WhatsApp | Golden WhatsApp Download Update 2024

WhatsApp Gold Page: Download WhatsApp Dahabi and Update to the Latest Version. In addition, this page explains all the features of Golden WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold

In the introduction, we will present a brief and simple idea about WhatsApp Gold, clarifying the concept and mechanism of the app.

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold, also sometimes known as WhatsApp Dahabi, is one of the modified applications of WhatsApp by the developer Abu Arab. He has added many new features and enhancements that are not available in the official WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Dahabi

WhatsApp Dahabi is a modified instant messaging application of WhatsApp developed by Abu Arab. It is one of the most widely used applications among users, especially Arabic-speaking ones.

However, most users struggle to find the download site for WhatsApp Gold easily because there is no officially recognized site for downloading the app; therefore, we have created this download site to provide all updates of Golden WhatsApp with direct and fast links for everyone for free.

Gold WhatsApp Download

This section of the WhatsApp Gold download page focuses on the primary purpose of creating the website. After understanding the nature and idea of the app in the introduction – especially for those unfamiliar with it – you can proceed to download Gold WhatsApp and enjoy all its features and additions, which we will briefly mention in the upcoming paragraphs.

Downloading Gold WhatsApp

Golden WhatsApp updates are hosted on the fastest download servers to accommodate varying internet speeds of users, as it is uploaded on multiple fast servers for free for everyone.

WhatsApp Gold Download Links

You can get the Golden WhatsApp version using direct links on the download page, either by navigating to the download page link at the top of the page or through the following link.

Download Page Link for WhatsApp Gold

After moving to the download page and starting the WhatsApp update, you can read about the app’s features and additions in the following paragraphs, while waiting for the download of the latest version of your copy to complete.

Features and Drawbacks of Gold WhatsApp

Before you start exploring the features and additions of WhatsApp Dahabi on your phone, we will take you on a brief tour of this section to give you an overview of the features and additions of WhatsApp Gold.


There are many features available on Gold WhatsApp, and there won’t be enough time to read them all; hence, we have categorized these features for easier reading and will summarize only the most prominent ones in several lists, as follows.


The most prominent privacy features in the golden version of WhatsApp Abu Arab include:

  • Hiding the following: “Online Now” status, last seen, double message delivery marks, blue message read marks, viewing contact statuses, group message mark
  • Hiding conversations from the main interface
  • Locking private conversations with a password or pattern
  • Messaging numbers without saving them in contacts
  • Displaying status to certain contacts only
  • Blocking voice and video calls

User Interface (UI):

Alongside privacy features, there are many user interface features in WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab, as listed below:

  • Customization options for: main chat interface, private chat interface, Golden WhatsApp notifications, text fonts for messages and statuses
  • App themes and styles
  • Numerous shortcut buttons, like: switching between chats in the private chat interface
  • Adding new emojis for message reactions
  • Internet disconnect button for WhatsApp

Thus, we conclude the most prominent user interface features added in the golden version by Abu Arab.

Other Features:

After summarizing all the privacy and user interface features, we conclude the features section with the most prominent other features in WhatsApp, as follows:

  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Free themes store
  • Preventing contacts from deleting their statuses after posting
  • Extending status duration up to 48 hours
  • Preventing senders from retracting and deleting messages after sending them to you
  • Ability to reshare and repost contact statuses
  • Sharing media in very high quality
  • Downloading and saving status media to internal storage
  • Sending many media and images in groups, up to more than 90 images at once
  • Scheduling message sending
  • Dark mode
  • Airplane mode (disconnecting internet from WhatsApp)
  • Backing up all data of Golden WhatsApp
  • Transferring the app from one phone to another without the need to reset and reconfirm WhatsApp, by backing up WhatsApp Gold data

Finally, after learning about all the features of WhatsApp Gold, you can explore other features not mentioned after downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold on your Android phone.


Any app with distinguishing features certainly has drawbacks. As we clarified the features of Golden WhatsApp, we will also detail its drawbacks as follows:

  • Requires regular (monthly) updates
  • The app is unofficial
  • May risk account suspension in some cases
  • No official website for the app

All Versions of Golden WhatsApp

There are several versions of WhatsApp Abu Arab, allowing users to use multiple versions simultaneously on more than one number and on a single phone. Thus, we will provide download

links for all versions of WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab and a brief overview of each version, as follows:

  • Green WhatsApp: Known as the first version of Abu Arab, also an alternative to the official WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Dahabi: The most popular version among all Abu Arab versions, with its package named WhatsApp2Plus.
  • Blue WhatsApp: The third version, known for its blue color and package name WhatsApp3Plus.
  • Red WhatsApp: The fourth version by Abu Arab, distinct for its red color, with its package named WhatsApp4Plus.
  • Black WhatsApp (Golden Black): The latest version of Abu Arab’s modified WhatsApp apps, ranking fifth under the package name WhatsApp5Plus.

That concludes our overview of all five versions of Abu Arab’s WhatsApp and a brief description of each.

FAQs About WhatsApp Gold:

Many users have questions about the app, so we provide the most common questions about WhatsApp Gold as follows:

How do I download the original WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Dahabi can be downloaded via several direct links on our main website page, by navigating to the download page link at the beginning of the page.

How do I download WhatsApp Gold?

Downloading Golden WhatsApp is available either through the browser on the fastest download servers or through our site’s Telegram channel.

How do I update WhatsApp Dahabi?

You can update WhatsApp Dahabi by downloading the latest version through the links available on the download page, then waiting for the download to complete. After that, go to the file manager, then the download manager, and install the latest version without uninstalling the previous version of the app.

What is the best version of WhatsApp?

There are many modified versions of WhatsApp, but not all are distinctive. Contrarily, three versions are considered the best: WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Omar, and GBWhatsapp.

Why doesn’t WhatsApp Gold install?

Failure to install the app can be due to several reasons, so make sure to solve them for a problem-free installation, including having enough internal storage space, an Android version of 4.0.3 or higher, and downloading the old and original version of the app.

What is the download site for Gold WhatsApp?

There are several sites offering WhatsApp Gold, including our site and the official WhatsApp Gold site.

Alternative Applications to WhatsApp Dahabi

Alongside the modified golden app version, several other versions have been developed and modified by various professional developers, including Omar and Alex. These modified and alternative applications include:

With that, we conclude the last section of the WhatsApp Dahabi download page and will end the page by summarizing all the sections explained.


In this section, we conclude the page on downloading the latest versions of WhatsApp Gold. After learning everything about WhatsApp Dahabi, including its features, additions, drawbacks, and other information, do not hesitate to download the app and try it on your phone to explore all the features and additions not yet mentioned.


Certainly, all users of WhatsApp Gold know that the app is modified by a third party and may sometimes lead to account suspension. Therefore, using the app is at your own risk. Also, everything presented on our site is a personal opinion and not advice. Any action you take based on what is described on the page is at your own responsibility.

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